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100% Raw Hemp Seed Oil for Cats 50ml

100% Raw Hemp Seed Oil for Cats 50ml

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Kitty Cannabis For Pawsitive Health

A kitty's agony is something no one can stand. Hemp Seed Oil for Cats is dedicated to all the cat owners out there who want a real solution for their feline. Each drop is filled with Omegas, Antioxidants and Plant Cholesterol (The right kind of Cholesterol), giving an abundance of nutrient-rich elixir which can help fight against inflammation and arthritis. It's generously loaded with 20 amino-acids giving your kitty the protein it really needs while also providing a balanced serve of Omega Fatty Acids. You can finally set aside the fish oil and grab a guilt-free sustainable bottle of 100% Raw Hemp Seed Oil which will finally relieve your cat of its struggles. Targeting a range of issues from helping against excessive fur shedding, joint pains or anxiety, this oil is truly a miracle, and fellow users have reported dramatic improvements beyond their belief. Seeing results primarily with skin & fur - joints & mobility - mood & anxiety. One bottle lasts up to three months, so don't worry about any constant shortage.

It's hard to imagine how amazing this oil is, we understand! Its amazing results have even us astonished, and we want you to see the powers of cannabis by offering Money Back Guarantee. Because we're sure, you'll be in awe of it as much as us.

Health Benefits

  • The naturally occurring cannabinoids with the hemp's high nutrient content promote a stronger immune system and enhanced blood circulation for your cat.
  • Helps reduce inflammation and arthritis.
  • Relieves painful and damaged joints.
  • Rejuvenate lost fur and help thicken its texture.
  • Improves heart function to support the cat's playful nature.

How to Use

For best results, ensure a daily intake of 1-3 drops depending on the size and weight of your cat. Once-daily is enough and can be given with or without food. At first, please start at a lower dose and increase by 1 drop if no effect is seen after 1 week. Be patient. Some cats may take longer to show results, so do not overdo it.

1 bottle consists of 50 ml and is estimated to last 3 months of daily use, once a day.

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