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The MorpheAUS Journey Part 1

The MorpheAUS journey began last year in 2019 when my entrepreneurship journey of over 6 years expanded into e-commerce. I named it MorpheAUS (Morpheus) because of it meaning the God of Dreams, as well wanting MorpheAUS to be 'morphing' into other businesses all over Australia. Always growing, always expanding. Providing jobs to Australians and contributing to build Australia.

I've been building this store since August of that year and our product range has been growing ever since. I've worked in retail for 13 years, watching how businesses take advantage of customer loyalty with minimal promotions to reward them.

MorpheAUS was launched in January 2020. It was that same month, I was organising flights to China to start looking into exporting Australian products. All of the sudden, the start of the pandemic was really just starting to materialise in China. I had to put on hold our export plan and to just really focus on the Australian market. In February we started to get inundated with product requests from people, businesses, medical clinics and countless others. This was due to the insane amount of panic buying that was starting to take place in Australia. 

Through leveraging connections within Australia, we were able to get in hand sanitiser and PPE to those who needed it. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful with toilet paper but I'm happy to cop that on the chin when you can always MacGyver toilet paper.

It was unfortunate to find the lack of domestic manufacturing capacity for PPE during that period. We had to get our PPE from China because we (Australia) barely manufactured it. It was sad to find that out. 3M Australia had a backlog of 6 months so their was no way we were able to get products with them. In China however, the 3M manufacturer in Shanghai was where we managed to retrieve the required PPE. We had to compete with the world for PPE with the USA just starting to become a Covid haven. We had to vet each manufacturer in China to ensure it wasn't counterfeit and it didn't put lives at risk. I'm glad we did so successfully too. We utilised connections to be able to get the PPE here in Australia before the rest of the world took it. Not long after, China banned the export of PPE even though this virus was exported to the world which got me thinking of two questions. 1) Was the situation worse in China than was reported? or 2) Did they plan on holding onto the PPE to then give to friendly governments (towards China) around the world? Who knows what the answer is.

From that whole experience, the whole team at MorpheAUS has acquired expertise in getting high demand products in when our customers, businesses or even governments need them. We will be here for everyone.

I personally believe loyal customers should always get the best price and to not be taken advantage of. I personally believe in contributing to society by building MorpheAUS into a powerhouse business that enables it to be a major tax contributor to Australia which then contributes those tax dollars to building our schools, hospitals, infrastructure and more. Some business people may think that this isn't smart because they prefer to lower their tax contributions and move their money to some secret account or island. 

By Shopping with MorpheAUS, we guarantee to you, our customers, we will never engage in tax evasion or avoidance of any kind. We guarantee that your loyalty will always be rewarded with regular discounts and special offers.

We guarantee we will look after you.

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